Hong Kong skyline. Photo by Dan Freeman

Singapore and Hong Kong have recently announced a travel bubble between the two cities, which will exempt travelers including for leisure from quarantines or serving stay-home notices.

According to media, the travel bubble might start sometime by late November although details are still vague at the point of writing.

Naturally, this has led to increase in demand and price for flight tickets as some residents in the two cities are eager to travel for year-end holiday, meet their friends and family and etc.

Singapore. Photo by me

Don’t book your flight ticket just yet. Photo by Alex Azabache

So why, shouldn’t you book your flights yet?
While the travel bubble agreement is yet to be finalised, some of the details have been released to the public. They were:

  • Travel between the two cities will be allowed for all purposes and travellers will not be required to quarantine or serve stay-home notices. The arrangement will be reciprocal.
  • Travellers will have to test negative on COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.
  • There will be flights dedicated for the travel bubble.

Yes, this means you can’t just hop onto any flight to Hong Kong or Singapore to enjoy quarantine-free travel. It has to be on a designated flight.

So which flights are dedicated flights? My guess is as good as yours.

I understand to rush to book a ticket now as Singapore-Hong Kong air fares have jumped by as much as 40%, but chances are you might incur further losses if you were forced to rebook your ticket.

The Singapore government has said they are committed to finalized the details in the near future (probably in the next few days or weeks).

Be patient, and you will probably be rewarded.

Update Nov 11:
New details about the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble:
1. Daily travel quota – 200 people
2. Assigned flights are SQ890 & SQ891 (Singapore Airlines) and CX759 & CX734 (Cathay Pacific)

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