When I first started experimenting with black and white photography, it was to save photos with bad colours.

Over time, I learned how to pay more attention to lighting contrast and take black and white photos natively from the camera instead of creating it in post editing.

I embraced the light.

It was photographers like Mari (IG: @mari_mk28) and the legendary Fan Ho who had inspired me through their works.

They showed me even in the void of colours, a photo could have so much soul.

Here are some of my works that I would like to share with you:

Turned this into black and white to conceal the horrible colours in the original photo. Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai (2018).
Tokyo (2019).
Waited ten minutes for someone to walk by. Shanghai (2018).
Guangzhou (2019).
Singapore (2019).
Angkor Wat, Cambodia (2019).
Tokyo (2019).

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