Ah, big cities, didn’t grow up in one, but spent most of my adult life there.

Walking, or commuting some may say, is the part and parcel of everyday life in big cities. Some geniuses at Stanford University had even compiled how much we walk on average. Hong Kong was at the top of the list (source), while the country that I grew up in (take a guess) didn’t fare well (see the full list here). Minimal walking is infused in our culture.

What was the longest photowalk you had taken?  I realised I’d walked more after picking up photography. I’d even walked close to 150km in a week (a lot by my standard) during what was arguably the best solo trip of my life. Let’s talk about that trip in another post.

When walking, I would spend time looking at complete strangers especially the way they look – the outfit, the hair, the face, the back – but guess what: there’s a good chance that someone is also observing us!

Girl in Red. High Line, New York (2015).

I took this photo when I was in New York sometime in the fall of 2015. The woman in red was sketching the back of other parkgoers. In a sense, it was a chain of people back watching, me taking a photo of her back while she was drawing the outline of the back of the person in front of her.

Wish I’d said hi to her.

I hope you enjoy people watching too.

P/S: The High Line is an unique public park converted from an abandoned elevated rail line, making it a perfect space for people watching and photography. Worth a visit if you are in New York.

Check out the photos below.

That’s me.

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